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Home Care

Finding the right caregiver or agency to hire can be a challenging experience, but not when you have the right team helping to guide you. Our clients trust us because we show you all of the options, explain the benefits of different kinds of care arrangements and help you choose what works best for your loved one.

Caregivers Can Help With:

Personal Care/ Hygiene
Assistance with dressing,bathing, or toileting – always respectful and professional.
Doing Activities,building friendships, and community – or just talking.
Meal Preparation
From shopping for groceries to planning and preparing healthy meals you’ll love
Light Housekeeping
Doing dishes or laundry, taking out the trash, plus seasonal project and organizing.
Medication Reminders
Timely prompts to take medication, drink water, and other daily wellness needs.
Stay Active
Support to keep you moving and healthy, from a simple walk to specific exercises.
Transportation/ Errands
Wherever you’re going, get a ride in a comfortable car – or yours if you prefer.
Memory Care
Reading together, having conversations and playing cards are just a few ways to keep our minds sharp.
Option #1: Free/Subsidized
Price: $0-10 per hour
There are a number of free and low-cost options to receive part-time in-home support including volunteers, grants, VA programs, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), regional centers and other government and non-profit institutions. Most of these options have limitations, strict requirements and/ or may only be available in specific geographic areas. Our staff can help you learn more about the qualifications and application processes for these programs so that you can tap into available programs to reduce your out of pocket cost for in-home care.
Option #2: Direct Hire (Independent)
Price: $10-15 per hour
Hiring, managing and paying a caregiver directly is likely the lowest cost option if you are paying for home care but it does also come with all of the responsibilities of being an employer. You will need to coordinate paying your caregiver, employment taxes, overtime pay (if applicable), background checks, drug testing, managing no-shows and cancellations, and are liable if your caregiver gets hurt or injured in the home. We can introduce you to resources that will help you find independent caregivers, protect yourself and ease into this arrangement so that you can learn more about safe ways to manage a caregiver as well as how to manage the responsibilities of being their employer.
Option #3: Direct Hire (Agency Managed)
Price: $15-19 per hour
Direct Hire (Agency Managed) is similar to the Direct Hire (Independent) option except that there is more hands on support from an agency with management of your caregiver. Here you will receive support in the event of no-shows and cancellations as well as have available training to help you manage the responsibilities of being your caregivers employer, but you are still liable for injuries in the home, coordinating payment and taxes. This may be a good option if your budget is tight and you feel comfortable taking on some responsibilities but still want as much help as you can get.
Option #4: Home Care Agency
Price: $20-30 per hour
Hiring caregivers from a licensed and bonded home care agency is by far the safest and most convenient option, but also the most expensive. Caregivers are managed as W-2 employees of the agency and receive health benefits, paid time off, workers’ compensation insurance and have to be properly registered with the state. Most agencies offer 24/7 backup caregivers for no-shows and manage all payments to the caregiver. This is a great option when you have long term care insurance to pay for in-home care, have ample savings to afford private pay or have assets you can liquidate to pay for care.


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