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At Golden Years Foundation, we take great pride in treating your family like our family. Our experienced care coordinators will guide you to the best community resources, senior communities or care providers that fit your needs, and your budget. We invite you to read through helpful testimonials from some of the many families that we have assisted in their search for senior living options.

“When I was reached by Peterson, I felt I was in good hands. They worked quickly to get me a back brace and specialty shoes which helped my circulation. When I brought an issue to their attention, they were quick to help me with my concerns. I think they are wonderful, and I would recommend them to everyone I know, except they already helped them!”

– Jackie Giddens, Client

“The purpose of this letter is to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Peterson and your organization for your compassion, caring and professional ethic toward the clients that you served in the community. I must admit that my situation has many unique obstacles on my aunt who has suffered from dementia and it has carried a big burden on us emotionally, your staff Jennifer has provided us with resources and guidance to reduce the crisis to a minimal outcome. As a staff of the Community Base Organization, I am really proud to support your cause and I highly recommend your Organization to our client throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County Resident.”

– Bampenh Bob Khek

“I need to thank Mr. Peterson, for so much. Twice because of him my mother has found a place that will take good care of her. She was at Alhambra Health Care but unfortunately, her Alzheimer’s has progressed to a point where they could no longer give her proper care. She had an incident where she bit herself and was 5150’d a.k.a. put in a Psych Ward… because she bit herself she was deemed a danger to herself and because of insurance and safety rules they had to. It was one of the most painful times of my life to see my dear mother confused and terrified in that place.Then to make matters worse The Psych Ward ended up discharging my mother before I found a proper place for her and she was placed in a facility in Pomona two hours away from me. Sean and his business partner Paul and their hospice vendor Helen spent hours and literally made 100s of phone calls and in 3 days found a quality facility with an available bed who knew how to care for Alzheimer victims. By the way, the Ambulance that moved my mother to her new home was going to bill me 90% of the cost of her transport a huge expense that would have cost me thousands, Helen interceded and made clear that Medicare and Medical covered her transport. She has since been moved to Montrose Health Center that has the same level of quality care as Alhambre but this time is equipped to deal with her Alzheimer’s and all the behavioral challenges that come with it. She is near me so I can still be actively involved in her life and I know she is being properly cared for a huge relief and I am so grateful. The work that Shawn and all the people at Golden Yaer Foundation are immeasurably valuable. I cannot thank them enough!

– Nedra Gallegos, Client

“I needed help finding a place for my 87 yr old mother who is a diabetic and needs to be tested before each meal / bedtime. Golden Years Foundation took my mom’s information and needs. After several days as told I received not one not two but several agencies that can help my mother. They also mentioned VA assistance that can also help. I highly recommend Helping Hand for you with your elder care. Thank you Golden Years Foundation.”

– Kurt Bather, Client



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