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Senior Support for a Short-Term Stay at a Nursing Home

22 JULY 2022

A skilled nursing facility or sometimes referred to as a “nursing home,” is a type of care institution that is often the next step for seniors after a hospital stay to continue their recovery.

Staying in a nursing facility, no matter how short, can be frightening and disconcerting for your aging loved ones. So here are some ways to make their stay easier.
Make their room homey.
Even for low-income seniors, it is still essential for them to have a home-like room. Adding in a family photo, their favorite books, blankets, and comfy clothes can help.
Visit as often as you can.
You must pay a visit as frequently as you can. You’ll be in a position to keep an eye out for issues and push for higher-quality care. When people they trust are around, seniors will also feel safer.
Take part in their therapy or exercises.
In your senior’s journey to recovery, it is great for them to feel your presence as they do their therapies and exercises. Keeping your elderly loved one safe from harm and avoiding overexertion are, of course, top priorities.
Golden Years Foundation has provided placement assistance in Rancho Cucamonga, California for many clients while working with their budget or insurance coverage.

We can also provide in-home care services in Riverside County if keeping your seniors at home is what you need.

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